Whilst every investment proposal is unique we follow a strict criteria before arriving at any investment decisions.




All funding opportunities are reviewed and analysed in-depth by a process of consultation with our strategic partners. To establish the viability of the Kirkebjerg development Fornax has engaged Exometric™, a consultant company providing market research and analyses based on data fusion and market surveys. Exometric has 10 years of experience in the field of project assessment and analysis, specialising in the real estate sector and urban planning. Exometric has researched and documented the viability of the Lake Park project through a thorough process of due diligence between November 2016 and January 2017. As part of this process, interviews were carried out with potential buyers, generating valuable data indicating price expectations, and the strength of the market for both the rental and sale of new homes. As a result the associated risks and potential for profit are fully understood.

Exometric delivers impartial advice and analysis to the real estate industry based on its deep knowledge of the historical market development and future demand trends. Our analysis is generated using Exobase, an advanced database and analysis tool developed by Exometric and specialised in relation to the Danish real estate market. Exometric collects current information in all 98 municipalities in Denmark. Due to the size of Copenhagen Municipality, the capital is divided into 16 independent sub-districts, which can be analysed individually”


Fornax Capital has a dedicated investment team who undertake a rigorous process of due diligence and project evaluation, once selected; the investment opportunity is presented to the advisory board for approval.

Utilising the resources available through our partners ensures we have access to valuable insights into sector specific market conditions and trends that may determine our strategy. This in turn ensures that we remain ahead of the curve when considering.


New investments opportunities.


Potential exit opportunities for assets held within the Fornax Capital portfolio.


Advise to client companies on operational decisions, and how to meet working capital requirements.


Our niche focus, the depth of expertise at our disposal and the team’s practical business experience continues to provide us with a competitive advantage. As a result Fornax Capital is comfortably able to provide Bond Holders with returns of up to 14.25% per annum.

Our strategic partners experience in the financial sector is broad and deep. From banking and insurance to wealth management and securities distribution, serving all major areas of the financial services industry. Providing extensive knowledge of project finance, company acquisitions and appropriate legal structures.

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